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Royston Community Pantry

Royston Community Pantry, which is located in Roystonhill Community Hub and a membership-lead shop set-up by North Glasgow Community Food Initiative, which provides fresh and nutritious food at a seriously marked-down price. ​To benefit from the food pantry, members pay a £3 joining fee and every time they shop, they will pay £3 to get groceries worth around £20-£25.  Members also have the option of paying a solidarity price of £4 per shop (Instead of £3), to fund a small number of subsidised memberships.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to get contact with

our Progect Manager Christina Haddad 


Phone/Whatsapp: 07361915709 

or visit website

Opening Times

Monday  2pm - 5pm
Thursday 4pm - 7pm
Friday 10am - 1pm

Food Pantry Policies

  • Each member is entitled to one visit per week.

  • Only one of each item can be taken to ensure that there is a good selection of produce for everyone.

  • Members must be present at visit or have one representative per household for those with reduced mobility.

  • A colour code system will be in effect to indicate different categories of goods e.g. dry goods, fresh fruit and veg, toiletries etc and how many items per category each member is entitled to.

  • Royston Community Pantry reserves the right to cancel or refuse any membership at any time. Examples include:

         You move away from the area.

         You are abusive towards staff, volunteers, or customers.

  • Members must present the membership card at each visit.

  • Members must not resell items taken from the pantry. If this happens, membership will be terminated immediately.

  • Pantry stock may vary from week to week. Royston Community Pantry cannot guarantee the availability of any item from week to week.

  • Royston Community Pantry has a limited number of memberships. If you are unable to get a membership, we will operate a waiting list and will contact you as soon as a membership becomes available.

  • Members must bring their own bags; no bags will be provided by the pantry.

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